Wednesday, 30 September 2009

McRae Memorial Convoy

As I drive a Subaru Impreza I belong to an owners club called Scoobyireland. In memory of Colin McRae's tragic death alongside that of his son and two other's, we do a Subaru convoy around Northern Ireland. I took Chloe along to this.

Had a fantastic day and over 100 Subaru's showed up for this event. As we drove through little villages people came out of their houses and stood by the side of the road, some were even clapping. It's a good tribute to a man who was the ultimate Scooby driver. And it's a sobering reminder of him and his little son, as well as his friend and another child who died in a helicopter crash on 16/09/07.

First picture below is my car, JDM Subaru Impreza STi.
In memory of Colin McRae (39), son Johnny McRae (5), Graeme Duncan (37)
and Ben Portcelli (6).

Break from blogging

I haven't posted in quite a while as there have been a lot of things going on in my life recently. Well, Neil and I split up a while back but I couldn't bring myself to post it up. Then I guess over the past couple of weeks I've kind of hit a brick wall. So I've been finding it quite difficult and I'm just trusting in God that this is all part of his plan for my life.

It's amazing how overwhelming being a single parent is. Even though I did all the childcare anyway I could still say to Neil, 'you watch her for 2 mins while I go to the bathroom/make a cup of tea/have a shower'. But now I have to do everything with her and I don't get a break. It's very hard at times.

And then add on top of that I'm doing A-Levels at night and have to study as well, so I'm utterly exhausted all the time. But it's made me more determined to continue with my studies so that I can become a Doctor and provide for Chloe. I never want to be in a position that I have to rely on a man for money again.

Sorry for the depressing nature of this post but I'm feeling very sorry for myself at the minute, lol. But, as they say, the only way is up.
This is a picture of Chloe with my wee brother Peter

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Conked out.

Just a quick picture of Chloe who was so exhausted by our shopping trip with Nana that she fell asleep on the sofa in a cafe we went into.

Great-Granny's house

The other day we were at my Grannys house. We were in the back sitting room instead of the front so this was a whole new room to explore. Chloe loved the patio doors and was fascinated by what was outside. And she decided to display her appreciation by giving them a big kiss. (You can see my Granda power-hosing the patio in the background)
She saw the TV on the cabinet and decided to try to get to it without Mommy telling her 'No'. The excitement.
'Yay, I reached it!'
Over to the sofa where Chloe has decided 'I want to get into Mommy's bag. I know there's loads of cool stuff in there.'And finally a good old game of peek-a-boo behind the curtain.