Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Break from blogging

I haven't posted in quite a while as there have been a lot of things going on in my life recently. Well, Neil and I split up a while back but I couldn't bring myself to post it up. Then I guess over the past couple of weeks I've kind of hit a brick wall. So I've been finding it quite difficult and I'm just trusting in God that this is all part of his plan for my life.

It's amazing how overwhelming being a single parent is. Even though I did all the childcare anyway I could still say to Neil, 'you watch her for 2 mins while I go to the bathroom/make a cup of tea/have a shower'. But now I have to do everything with her and I don't get a break. It's very hard at times.

And then add on top of that I'm doing A-Levels at night and have to study as well, so I'm utterly exhausted all the time. But it's made me more determined to continue with my studies so that I can become a Doctor and provide for Chloe. I never want to be in a position that I have to rely on a man for money again.

Sorry for the depressing nature of this post but I'm feeling very sorry for myself at the minute, lol. But, as they say, the only way is up.
This is a picture of Chloe with my wee brother Peter

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  1. Hi Lisa, Have just found blog spot thanks to Traction Man and have been wondering around having a look at other blog.

    Sorry to hear about you an Neil, I hope that you are holding up well. I look forward to reading more about Chloe and your life together.

    Much love Tia xx