Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Ark Open Farm

Today I took Chloe to the Ark open farm for Chloe's 1st birthday. My best friend Claire-Louise came with us and brought her daughter Lucy. Lucy is 16 months old and she and Chloe love each other. As tomorrow we are having a family party I thought it would be nice for us to go somewhere today with our friends.
We had a wonderful time. I am a total animal lover and if I could afford it I would buy a farm. So I had a blast feeding the animals. We saw reindeer, cows, calves, horses, sheep, alpacas, goats, chicks and chickens, pigs and probably a few I've forgotten. I of course, being an avid horse lover, made a beeline straight for the HUGE cob who was stabled due to a leg injury. He was so lovely, a very gentle nature. Chloe also really enjoyed him and was happy with him nuzzling her head and petting him.

It's funny how kids pick up on their parents emotions. I was obviously comfortable around all the animals, feeding them, stroking them, talking to them etc, and encouraging Chloe to do the same, and Chloe was very happy doing so, and roared with laughter when the Alpacas where eating out of my hand, and then one stole the food container. But my friend Claire-Louise just stood back and wouldn't touch anything, clearly uncomfortable touching them. Her daughter Lucy then screamed anytime she got too close to the animals. So hopefully Chloe will end up without a fear of any animals.

But we really did have a wonderful day. We had lunch in the coffee house at the farm and it was lovely. Claire-Louise and Lucy bought Chloe a xylophone for her birthday which is great as Chloe really loves them. Then we came back to mine for coffee and then I dropped them home as I was gong out to my Scoobyireland Christmas do in Belfast this evening (which turned out to be rubbish).

So all in all an excellent first birthday.

Love you Chloe, xx

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