Friday, 4 December 2009


Throughout life nearly all my friends have been male. I guess this is because I was into cars and girls just aren't. And even my best friends who I have loved so much (in a non-romantic way) have been guys. This was fine until I had Chloe. Turns out guys just aren't that into babies. Sure they look at them, say they're gorgeous (like their mom lol<<< I wish>>>), but then they go back to talking about cars, when all you want is to discuss your baby.

So after Neil and I split up I put a post on netmums for some company to go to moms and tots with. I got a couple of replies but one in particular was from a girl called Claire-Louise who lives in my town. She has a 16 month old little girl called Lucy. We met up at a moms and tots and got on really well.

I am so so glad I have met her. She is such a lovely person and a wonderful friend. For instance I was feeling a bit down in the dumps the other day, and she brought me chocolates round to cheer me up. Now a guy would never do that, lol. But it's great to have someone to discuss babies with and to talk about the hardships of relationships with. I've had some wonderful male friends who I could discuss that stuff with, but it's just not the same as with a girl.

And Chloe now has a baby friend that she can grow up with too. Thank God for friends!!!!

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