Sunday, 13 December 2009

Chloe's 1st birthday party.

Today we had Chloe's official birthday party, even though her birthday's not until Tuesday. We just had it here at the house and it was just the family. My parents, my brother & his girlfriend Amanda, my grandparents, Neil and Neil's parents. And Chloe and I of course.
I put up balloons everywhere and birthday banners. I had a gorgeous cake made for her. It was white with green decorations and a ladybird sitting on some 'grass' at the top. Really lovely little girl's birthday cake. We had pies, salad, various breads, olives, and cocktail sausages. Then for dessert there was strawberry roulade and mince pies with brandy cream. And the cake to finish.

Chloe had a wonderful time - she knew the day was for her and you could see her delighting in everyones attention. I put a gorgeous satin party dress on her and it has little sequins and a design stitched over it. She looked so cute.
She got some brilliant gifts. I'll try to remember them all but I'm sure I will leave some out. I got Chloe the Baby Einstein DVD box set and a Fisher Price My First Learning purse. Neil's parents bought her a hand-made wooden trike and trailer. The type she can sit on and scoot about in - and tow your teddies (or the dog, lol) along behind you. Neil bought her the Little People farm (you can see in the top photo she climbed into the box it came in) and some clothes. My mom and dad bought her the VTech Alphabet Train Station (by far her favourite toy). My grandparents bought her some clothes and a book. My brother and Amanda bought her a lovely skirt and top set. My Aunt Heather bought her two fabulous word books. The kind with lots of pictures of various everyday items on each page and the word written beside it. This is excellent as she constantly asks 'whats that?'. So already she has been looking through it and asking. Neil's Great-Aunt Amy gave her money and his Aunt Roberta bought her a toy telephone and a Little People car. The car is the cutest. It's obviously based on a people carrier and has a mommy in the front and a baby in the back seat. When you push the car along with the mommy in it it plays music and the mommy turns from side to side - very cool. But the thing that cracked me up most about it was that in the boot of the car there is actually a pram that you can lift out and set the baby into. How cool is that? We pretend that all these toy's are for our kids, but seriously, admit it, you love playing with them as well! (or is that just me?)

Her wee face was a picture when we brought the birthday cake in to her while singing happy birthday. She is so happy. You can see it in her wee face, and her smile is priceless.

It was a little uncomfortable having Neil and his family there and trying to play happy families for the sake of Chloe, but all in all a very happy day with lot's of wonderful memories to look back on. Happy Birthday chick!! xx

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