Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Well the run up to Christmas this year has been a new experience for me. Usually I'm not that excited about Christmas, I tend not to buy too many gifts for people and generally it's a rather subdued affair - trying to keep it about Jesus rather than commercialism. Last year I was recovering from giving birth and Christmas may as well have been deleted off the calender for us. We were so wrapped up in having Chloe and new parenthood. Indeed, observe the absolute exhaustion on my face in the below picture. That was taken on Christmas day last year.

But this year things couldn't be more different. I have gone totally crazy buying presents for Chloe and I have enjoyed myself so much it is unreal. I spent days and days wandering around toy shops getting ideas what to buy and I had a whale of a time actually buying the stuff. I find shopping for adults so stressful, but shopping for kids is officially THE BEST FUN EVER. I have spent a total fortune and I know I'm mad and that Chloe is far too young to need so many presents, but it's done me the world of good as it's really cheered me up. I did get a bit bummed out walking round the toy shop as it was all mom's and dad's and I was on my own. Well, I had Chloe with me but she is still too young to realise what's going on. But in general I had a great time choosing her gifts.

Chloe's birthday is also so close to Christmas that her Birthday and Christmas gifts seem to be merging into one another. I have only bought her the 'Baby Einstein' DVD Box set for her birthday as well as a Learning Purse. Which doesn't sound very much at all, but when you look at the amount of Christmas presents she has it's scary and I really don't think she needs any more. I guess some of the vast number of Christmas presents could be given to her on her birthday, but I know she will be totally overwhelmed on Christmas day. So on her birthday it will be nice for her to get use from her gifts, rather than having so many she doesn't know what to play with.

My parents have got her a train set (the baby kind) and Neil's mom has got her a wooden trike and trailer. And I know the rest of the family will get her toys as well. So I figure she has enough to do her.

I have all my Christmas shopping for everyone else doe. I got the last two gifts today. I only have to get for my parents, grandparents, Bro and his girlfriend, Neil's mom and Dad (from Chloe), and my friend Claire and her wee one Lucy. So all in all not too many to buy for. But boy is it hard to know what to get. I won't mention the gifts here as I know a couple of family members occasionally come on here.

I am so glad it is all done and all I have to do now is relax.

Happy Holidays everyone and God Bless :-)

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