Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Well it was my birthday on September 22nd but with everything going on I didn't get a chance to put it on here.

Mum and Dad got me a laptop, a Dell Inspirion, which I desperately needed as the screen had gone in my old one and I was having to connect it to a free standing monitor. So not exactly an ideal situation.

Chloe got me a Thornton's personalised car. It's astonishing that at her age she was able to order and pay for it herself as well as sign her card to me. :-)

My bro and his girlfriend go me a box of chocolates and a gorgeous La Senza nightshirt. Neil and his mom and dad got me Next vouchers and from my grandparents I got money.

So all in all I had a good birthday. Oh and of course I got a big slobbery kiss from Chloe. The picture of her at the top was taken on my birthday and I love the way you can see all her wee teeth in it.

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