Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Fisher Price

I believe in giving praise where praise is due. My mom had bought Chloe a Fisher Price bath toy a couple of months ago. They toy was aged 6mth+ so she was in the right age group. This toy was to be played with in the bath and part of it was a plastic ball, which was two different colored semi-sphere's stuck together with a little plastic star inside it.

I had Chloe in the bath playing with the toy and as I turned round to get the shampoo I heard her start to cough. After a few seconds I realised she was choking but I couldn't for the life of me think what on. I looked in her mouth and could see the edge of the little plastic star just at the back of her mouth. Very luckily I was able to grab it and pull it out. After getting Chloe calmed down, as she was very upset at this stage, I looked for the ball that was supposed to encapsulate the star and I found the two halves of it. It had broken in two and she had nearly choked on the star inside. Obviously this wasn't meant to be able to break.

So first thing the following morning I posted the broken toy back to Fisher Price/Mattel along with a very strongly worded letter of complaint, after all, my daughter could have died because of this. I expected to get a letter of apology back and a refund for the toy, which cost a fiver, lol.

A couple of weeks passed and I received a letter apologising and inviting me to phone to discuss how the toy broke etc. So I phoned up expecting that they were about to tell me it was somehow my fault that it had broken, but the girl I spoke to seemed genuinely concerned and said as a mark of apology they would like to give Chloe a Little People's House. I was delighted with this as I had considered getting her one myself.

Apparently the item hadn't been glued together properly allowing water to seep in and basically dissolve the little glue there was and that was why it broke in half.

This is the toy they sent Chloe. She absolutely adores it. There are various buttons to press throughout the house which make different sounds (i.e. doorbell, bath, washing machine). Chloe's just at the age now where things like that really capture her attention.

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  1. That must have been so scary for you but I am so pleased Chole is ok and what a very nice surprise to get such a great house for all the trouble

    Tia xx