Saturday, 17 October 2009

First pair of shoes

Well, as Chloe started trying to walk properly I decided to get her a pair of 'big girl' shoes. Plus it is getting really cold outside and she need's something on her feet. Up until now I had been just wearing Daisy Roots soft shoes on her. They are basically just soft leather booties which are gorgeous but keep her feet warm and afford a bit of protection should she want to cruise about.
But the problem recently has been that she is between sizes. They go 0-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m and so on. The 6-12m one's are too tight now but the 12-18m one's are like clown shoes on her. So proper measured shoes it had to be.

I went with my mom to a shop called Shoebdoo which is a fabulous kids shoe shop in my local town. They do the most gorgeous shoes for all ages of children. We went with a pair of lovely fur
lined 'Startrite booties. The girl measured her feet and said she's a size 3.5G - quite wide - and we are to bring her back in 6-8 weeks to have her remeasured. They really are gorgeous. The picture's are taken on my phone and so aren't great.

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