Saturday, 17 October 2009

Chloe's first steps with walker

Well on Thursday (15th) Chloe was having a bath when she stood up. She didn't pull herself up like she usually does, she just stood up on her own and stayed up for a while. I couldn't believe it. So when she was out and dried I gave her the first steps pram we have to see what she would do with it. She pulled herself up and then was off, marching about the house thoroughly pleased with herself. It's like someone just suddenly flicked a switch so that she could walk. She even keeps trying to take steps on her own without the walker.

It's amazing, I am so proud of her. I know every baby does this but when it's your baby doing it you're so chuffed. And you could see that Chloe was really pleased with herself. She had been cruising about the furniture for a while but didn't have any remote interest in using the pram walkie. And now she's doing it. On her ten month birthday as well!

Where did my little baby go? The little scrunched up, red baby that came out of my belly? I don't know what happened, lol. It feels like her life is flashing in front of my eye's. She is just growing up too fast.
Now she's a toddler, eek!

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  1. such a cutie! well done chloe
    Tia xx