Monday, 31 August 2009

Brush my teeth Mommy

Chloe now has 8 teeth and I had been using Dentinox toothpaste which comes with a little toothbrush with rubber bristles that you put over your finger. Chloe loved getting her teeth cleaned with that - the toothpaste doesn't foam the way adult ones do and it tastes like apples. But as she got more teeth I thought I should start to use a proper toothbrush. So I bought a baby Oral B one and tried it with her. She loves it even more than the rubber one. When she see's me getting ready to clean her teeth she lies back and opens her mouth. So cute. I clean her teeth on my bed with her lying back against the pillows. She doesn't spit the toothpaste yet so there's no need for it to be done in the bathroom. It's easier like that.

Here's a picture of madam getting her teeth brushed. It's not a great picture though.

Here's a wee picture of Chloe in a dress that her Auntie Amanda bought her. Amanda is my brother Pete's girlfriend.

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