Sunday, 16 August 2009

Chloe - 8 months old

Chloe was 8 months old yesterday so I though it would be nice to do an update on her development.
Dear Chloe,
You're at such a wonderful age at the moment, you bring joy to every day. I have honestly never come across a baby who is as happy as you. You rarely cry, you just smile and giggle all day. You're so pleasent and easy going. I'm very relaxed with you and don't impose a routine so maybe that's part of the reason you're so relaxed.

You're still breastfeeding on demand although you have cut down quite a bit since starting on solid foods. You breastfeed in the morning, when you take a nap and then you feed on and off in the evening until you fall asleep. You eat 3 meals a day and you love everything. You eat anything that's put in front of you which is great too see. You weigh about 21lbs now.

You are still sleeping in my bed.

You have 8 teeth now - one broke through this morning. You rarely fuss when teething. Indeed the only reason I looked for a tooth today was because of your dribbling! You're a very dribbly baby when you've a tooth coming through.

You have been crawling from 6 months and just before you turned 7 months you started standing up whilst holding onto things. And just today you cruised for the first time. You were standing holding onto the bars of your playpen(on the outside) and you decided to walk along. It's amazing to see you developing so fast. You just seem to want to walk. Indeed, from the moment you started crawling you would crawl 2 hands, 2 feet at times. (Pic belows is you cruising)
You clapped hands at 6 months and you wave hello and goodbye and have been doing for about a month. At 7 months you started saying 'Hiya' whilst waving. I guess this is because I always wave at you and say 'Hiya Chloe'. So that was your first word. Your second word was 'Dada'. You say this in response to him coming home from work. And on Friday you decided to say your third word.........'Yuck!'. Lol. I couldn't believe it when you said that. You were trying to eat my car keys and I would usually take them off you and say, 'Yuckie'. And so, as I went to take them off you on Friday you said, 'Yuck'. You've been saying it constantly the past few days. You love to hear your own voice. But still no sign of you calling me Mama. You had been saying Mama for a while a few months ago, but it was babbling as opposed to calling me it. So I'm still to hear it.

Your favourite book at the minute is Playtime Poppy Cat . You're favourite toy at the minute is this Dolly. You also love this Heimess wooden teether. I keep it in the pram for you. It's great when you're teething.

You love the bath. I just bring you in with me in the evenings and you splash about.

I love you baby girl!

Mommy x

'What mess Mummy?'

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