Sunday, 9 August 2009

Whew, what a day!

We spent all yesterday drag racing. Drag racing is basically 2 crs lining up to race each other over 1/4 mile. Whoever gets the fastest time wins. Simple really. This was Neil's first time since he had a lot more tuning done on the engine. But just as he was about to start we realised he had a boost problem due to a blowout in the up pipe. So we weren't hoping for too great a result. But he managed to run a 10.6!!! This was an amazing time in general. And when you take into account that he had lost boost and that this was his first time out in months that makes it even better.

He got the quickest time of the day and got an engraved silver plate as a trophy, so we're really chuffed. Thousands of pounds and man hours have gone into the car so it's great to get a good result. But it's amazing how the anxiety of wanting to do well leaves you totally exhausted by the end of it. We went out to dinner with the guy that tunes the P1 and other friends and had intended to have a few drinks, but we were so exhausted we just left after the meal and went home to our lovely, comfy bed. Here's a couple of pics of us with the car.

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